Dinukshi – You are an extraordinary lady. We, as Patricians, are deeply indebted to you for your hard work & kindness in raising funds for our Alma Mater, even to the extent of risking your own life. You are a Super Hero. Thank YOU. 

To the world at large, Dinukshi comes across as a bundle of Beauty, Brains & Brawn. She was the best kept secret to many a Patrician, until her Dad Eddie Ranjan Ferdinand proudly introduced his daughter, DINUKSHI FERDINAND, a superhuman Triathlon athlete, to all us Patricians. 

As for the brains, she is an alumnus of the University of Western Australia, having earned the Bachelor of Engineering and worked in responsible capacities at world class organizations such as General Motors, Australian Transport Safety Bureau & High Finance Group. These jobs are traditionally dominated by the males, where the females fear to tread. But Dinukshi defied them all and proved to be a worthy asset to the hierarchy of these institutions. It required more brains than guts to excel in these institutions. 

Dinukshi has earned the respect and recognition of not only the 

Patricians, but also being regarded by everyone as an Ambassador, representing Australia, where she took part in Samsung Melbourne Marathon in 2008, New York Marathon in November 2009 and recently in London Triathlon in  2010, United Kingdom, where she now resides. 

It is redundant for me to recount the dedicated contribution that Dinukshi’s father Eddie has been making to the Patricians on a global scale through the Internet publication entitled the “Intersector”. 

Dinukshi’s paternal grandfather Ferdinand Master, a former teacher par excellence at St. Patrick’s College has helped many families make great in education. My own family members bear testimony to the good work that he has done. Our family has known Dinukshi’s family for over three generations. Helping their fellow human beings is a hall mark of the generation of Ferdinands. 

Participating and completing the demanding & painful “swim across 1.5km, bike 40km, followed by a full 10 km marathon – without a break” is not an easy task by any means. It requires total focus, total dedication, an iron will, enormous staying power and mental toughness to accomplish this Herculean task! Dinukshi came out with flying colours, to the admiration of all her friends and well-wishers. 

Her parents, Dorothy and Eddie & the rest of the family are truly 

blessed. It is said that the good deeds of any wonderful parents gets rewarded in their off-springs. Not only mum & dad but the entire Patrician community are truly proud of Dinukshi. We, the Patricians have adopted YOU Dinukshi as an honorary Patrician forever. 

May the good Lord continue to bless Dinukshi forever, with the best of health, wealth, happiness and peace.  

As you know challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. On 8 August 2010, Dinukshi swam 1.5 km, 40 km bike ride and 10 km run and her official time as follows: 

00:35:55  – 01:41:28 – 00:59:01  Total: 03:25:52